Affiliate marketing; is the trend that you must have heard about many times on television, YouTube, the internet, and, yes, especially on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Everyone nowadays is busy in learning Affiliate Marketing and you will be surprised to see that many people earn thousands of dollars each month from affiliate marketing platforms as Affiliate commission; so to see and hear about that much earning the the question comes to mind that what Affiliate Marketing is actually?


Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that is based on the performance of the Affiliate agent in which a company or platform pays one or more Affiliate agents for each visitor or customer that is brought by the Affiliate’s own marketing efforts and purchase the products.

In Affiliate Marketing, the one who want to earn a handsome amount as commission he/she needs to joins a platform such as Amazon or Ali Baba and needs to bring customers to buy the products of different companies through his/her sent links.


Affiliate marketing has become the most important attractive and engaging earning field of the day with the passage time.. With each passing day as the technology is getting more advanced more and more people wish to get into  the field of affiliate marketing to make a good earning each month. Nowadays millions of people are earning through affiliate marketing and living a good life. 
All over the world, the trend of old working methods are getting changed, as in the past person would like to complete the formal schooling and get a change of getting an office desk job and where he/she would sit there all the day go through so many files and paper documents from dawn to dusk.

At the end of the month he/she would be paid a few dollars as a salary; but now, as the technology has made progress and the world has become a global village, the most of the people don’t like a full time boring office desk job where one needs to do the same routine work each day, rather people like to work as an Affiliate agent or one can say as a Freelancer to earn thousands of dollar a every month.


Working as an Affiliate agent is quite easy to do. One who wants to earn as an Affiliate agent from affiliate marketing needs to join big and trusted Affiliate Marketing platforms such as Amazon, Ali Baba, Daraz, Ebay etc.

There as an Affiliate agent one needs to be registered and after accomplished registration the Affiliate platform provides a product Affiliate link that has to be showed on social media platforms or sent to the targeted customers through different sources and upon successful purchase, the company pay Affiliate commission.

There are many different, good methods platforms which if one like to earn, can use to earn thousand dollars as an Affiliate agent.
Millions of people are using these platforms and no doubt they are making a handsome amount each month and live a good life.
Some highly recommended platforms or earning methods that are used by millions of people all over the world are..

The first method to earn from Affiliate Marketing is to write a blog or website and share the links of the products.
People having blogs or websites with thousands or millions of visitors get themselves registered to a company or an Affiliate platform and upon successful registration copies links the provided Affiliate links, and show those products by pasting them on their websites or blogs.

The visitors who wish to buy the products and visit through the provided links the website or company and buy any items through Affiliated links; upon successful purchase the company pays the Affiliate agent agreed upon commission on each purchased item.

The second method is the platform of social media. It is very much clear that worlds populations biggest part uses social media platforms i.e Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.

So, to access the targeted customers or consumers and make your Affiliated products sold you need to use social media platforms.

Nowadays, people order everything online sitting at home and get the items at their doorsteps, but they buy those products that they come across, so, the more consumers, customers you access the more successful you are as an Affiliate Marketer.


So, I hope now it is crystal clear that what Affiliate Marketing and how to earn from it, how to access the targeted customers.




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