NBP-National Bank of Pakistan is one of the oldest and biggest banks in Pakistan. The bank has taken the lead in shaping Pakistan’s banking industry’s future. The bank currently has more than 1250 offices in Pakistan and 31 foreign branches in 18 different countries, which span all time zones.

In order to provide residents of Bangladesh’s port city and commercial capital with cutting-edge computerized banking services, the Bank opened its first branch in Dhaka in August 1994.

National Bank of Pakistan Routing Numbers:

Before we talk about National Bank of Pakistan routing numbers let’s briefly discuss a routing number to understand what it is.

The routing number is a nine-digit bank, which is given to financial institutions as an identifying number, indicating the particular financial institution to which a payment is drawn.

This entirely unique code is created by combining the three-digit bank code, the two-digit district code, the three-digit branch code, and the last cheque digit. The bottom left corner of your bank cheque pages also has this number printed thereon.

How to Get the National Bank of Pakistan Routing Number?

Now, let’s talk about how to get the routing number of any branch of the National Bank of Pakistan anywhere in Pakistan. The method to get the routing number is normally suggested NBP cheque on which routing number is printed on the left side bottom.

But the question is whether it is that much easy to get a routing number from the National Bank of Pakistan. Well, the simplest answer is a big, ‘NO’.

You cannot get a routing number from the NBP cheque because they don’t provide or offer routing numbers inside Pakistan.

Look at the cheque and see yourself. Do you see nine digits routing number on the left bottom side of the cheque?

National Bank Of Pakistan Routing Numbers-NBP Routing Numbers

It doesn’t mean that the National Bank of Pakistan doesn’t provide routing numbers to customers, yes, it does, but in overseas branches like Bangladesh, the USA, etc. Locally, means in Pakistan, the National Bank of Pakistan doesn’t provide routing numbers, instead, you are provided with an IBAN and Swift code.


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