It’s important to know how many SIM cards have been issued against your CNIC, and this article covers all the information on the process you would find interesting.

Do you know the exact quantity of SIM cards registered to your CNIC? If the answer is YES, that’s great; if the answer is NO, don’t worry; you’ll learn today how to find out in this post in the simplest and most reliable way possible.

Continue reading if you’re curious about how many SIM cards have been issued against to your CNIC or if you want to confirm the quantity of SIMs.

It is essential to register your SIM cards with the CNIC you are using and to block any that are not in your possession or even aware of them. To prevent yourself from engaging in any unlawful conduct, you should be aware of how many SIM cards are registered against your CNIC.

How many SIM cards can be registered against one CNIC?

The number of SIM cards that can be issued against a single CNIC has been restricted by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. The fact that a single Pakistani person can have a total of 5 SIM cards issued against their CNIC is relevant to highlight here. As a result, if you already have 5 SIM cards registered against your CNIC and you need a sixth one for some reason, you must block one of the five SIM cards you now have in order to receive the new one.

How to check active SIM cards registered against your CNIC?

You can check out how many active SIM cards are registered to your CNIC using one of two ways.

1st Way to check your active SIM cards registered against your CNIC

Open the SMS text app on your mobile phone or smartphone.

Your CNIC number should be entered without any hyphens.

Send this message to 668 right away.

The total number of active SIM cards issued on your CNIC Number for each operator will be displayed in a text message reply that you will soon receive.

For each SMS you send to 668, PKR 2 plus tax will be deducted from your account.

2nd way to check your active SIM cards registered against your CNIC

By clicking the link given at the end of the article, you will access the official website. Enter your information there. In the picture below, as you can see:

Enter your CNIC number in the space provided below.

Check the box to indicate that you are not a robot, then click “Submit.”

After entering your ID number, submit the form. The website will provide you with complete details regarding all SIMs registered under your CNIC number. The result is shown in the image below.

                                                                              Website link

How to block extra SIM cards?

If you want to block any mobile SIM card that you don’t use from being associated with your CNIC number, block it. Here’s how you can proceed to do that:

Visit the nearby franchise or customer service location of the relevant cellular provider.

You will need to present your original CNIC and complete a relevant form in order to instantly block the necessary number.

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