The expansion of PayPal, an American organization that runs a global online payment system or payment gateway, has prompted the development of additional payment options for online business transactions. Consequently, the globally recognized PayPal was founded in 1998.

PayPal as an International Payment System

PayPal is without a doubt recognized as the market leader in terms of online financial transactions. Its services are reliable, fast, and secure. While providing services to more than 286 million active customers, PayPal has expanded into about 202 markets. Additionally, PayPal offers its users the chance to transact in 25 other currencies.

In December 1998, PayPal registered under the name “Confinity.” Later, in March 2002, and Confinity merged. Elon Musk, the originator of, changed the name of his company to PayPal in 2001. Since that time, the business has continued to use the same name.

It functions as a payment gateway and a connection between banks and online retailers, making it one of the top online payment options. PayPal is used to process online payments for internet enterprises by more than 90% of freelancers worldwide.

PayPal in Pakistan

PayPal is not authorized in some countries, therefore if you use PayPal there, your account will be blocked, and any funds you have in it will be lost.

You cannot use this app or access PayPal services in Pakistan. Your balance and account will be canceled if you do that.

There has been a great deal of discussion regarding PayPal in Pakistan, and more frequently than not, people want to know if PayPal is accessible there or if can PayPal be used in Pakistan. The two most crucial questions that people have been, obviously, these two. PayPal is not currently available in Pakistan, and to be more realistic, it is not likely to be available there any time soon. That is the simple, unambiguous answer to these queries. Yes, it may be hard for thousands of Pakistani freelancers and internet workers, but the truth must be faced head-on.

PayPal Alternatives in Pakistan

Best PayPal Alternative Solutions for Pakistani Freelancers

To help you out of this dilemma, I’ve listed some of the greatest PayPal alternatives that you can use as alternatives of PayPal.

Google Pay

Best PayPal Alternative Solutions for Pakistani Freelancers

The original Google Pay was a previous portfolio that Google renamed. Despite a name change caused by significant Google tech, the service’s functions remain unchanged. It is actually a platform for a digital wallet created to make it easier for consumers to conduct online payments and purchases of items.

We can send and receive money with Google Pay directly from our bank account. Thus, Google Pay and PayPal both have some characteristics in common. On your Android, iPhone, and iPad devices, you can access Google Pay. Google Pay is the finest PayPal substitute for independent contractors in Pakistan.


Payoneer is a name that is known to everyone. Another American digital service company that enables consumers to send and receive payments online is Payoneer. Payoneer is the greatest PayPal substitute because it operates legally and is accessible in Pakistan. Even, now, you can use the Jazz Cash and EasyPaisa Apps to connect to Payoneer and withdraw money into your account. Therefore, Payoneer is Pakistan’s top payment processor.

While Payoneer is a payment solution that enables you to use a prepaid MasterCard that each customer will get by mail to make online transactions. Money can be added quickly with a credit card or bank transfer. Even a yearly subscription is relatively inexpensive. Moreover, in almost every nation in the world, the services are provided.


Another excellent PayPal substitute that you may use in Pakistan as your payment method is 2Checkout. It connects to American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. The best payment gateway for freelancers in Pakistan is 2Checkout because it is entirely legal there. If you live in Pakistan or anywhere in the world, you can effortlessly receive and transfer money online.


For Pakistani freelancers looking to receive payments online, Skrill is a reliable financial platform. It lets you send and receive payments in a few easy steps. Additionally, it offers the ability to buy products and services online. Therefore, Skrill accounts are referred to as eWallets or electronic wallets.

As a result, it provides online shopping, money transfers to any bank account worldwide, and access to additional online payment gateways like Paypal, Payoneer, etc. You can register for it for free and open a Skrill account using an Android, iPhone, or PC. Payment transfers from scroll to scroll are free of charge.

Simply download the Skrill app from the Play Store, complete the necessary fields, and you’re done.


The best online funds transfer platform in Pakistan was just introduced, and its name is CashMaal. It was established in the UK nearly four years ago. It is a stunning and secure platform for receiving and transferring money online anywhere in the world. You deposit or withdraw money from EasyPaisa, JazzCash, a bank account, Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, and more.

In Pakistan, opening an account with CashMaal is cost-free. Install the CashMaal app, then establish an account by providing the required information. Limits on daily and monthly financial transfers can be upgraded.


Another website or online wallet where one can exchange foreign currencies into Pakistani rupees and simply transfer the money to EasyPiasa, JazzCash, or a bank account is FiberPay.

It can be compared to a good PayPal substitute that allows users to easily receive money into their Pakistani bank accounts from anywhere in the world.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the greatest PayPal substitutes; however, CashMaal and FiberPay have recently come under fire. The e-wallets CashMaal and FiberPay are being accused of robbing users, according to complaints.

If the reviews for these two apps are examined, 90% of them are unfavourable. Google Pay, Payoneer, and 2Checkout are the greatest websites or apps that customers can rely on and undoubtedly they can receive their payments safely and without any obstacles. As a result, these are the top three PayPal alternatives.




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