Amazon is a trend that is a very popular topic all over the world and almost every person around the world is acquainted with Amazon, especially in advanced and developed countries of the world.
So, if you are one who wishes to know more about Amazon and how it works, read the article to the end, where after reading you will know whatever you wanted to know.
Amazon (company) -The reality you don't know about

Amazon is an American-based multinational online platform or company that is equipped with the latest technology of the era and situated in Seattle which is a seaport city on the West Coast of the United States. It is a well-known and well-reputed company with an online presence where one can buy his/ her favourite items and in addition, can sell different items as well. The bought items can be easily got at the house door sitting at home.

Jeff Bezos founded the company with the name of Amazon in 1994 in the city of Seattle. One of the reasons for choosing Seattle as the company’s main office was due to the technical talent that can be easily available in Seattle as Microsoft office is also here. So to have easy access to the relevant talent and get Amazon to work easily and smoothly by getting the talented people and their technical support the place was chosen as the main office site.

The Company started providing its services in the years of 1998 and the first products which were sold initiating the company’s services, were videos and music-related material.
In 2002 it started expanding its services by introducing Amazon Web Services (AWS) which was a subsidiary of Amazon that aimed on providing on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to different companies of the world, individuals, and different departments and governments.
Amazon is one of the world’s well-reputed websites or companies doing business all over the world. When it was founded its services were provided on a limited scale but now it is a well-recognized and well-trusted organization worldwide that millions of customers trust to buy their desired and favorite items. Amazon sells all sorts of products that can be delivered to the doorsteps of customers.

Customers sitting at home can visit the Amazon website where they buy their favourite or desired products with a money-back guarantee to provide the customers with the highest quality services and products.

So, a customer can buy anything just by visiting the Amazon website and buying anything by adding the item to the cart and having it at his/her doorstep.



Anything can be purchased very quickly by clicking the wanted item and adding it to the cart which provides the details of the selected products along with the price and gives the option to pay at the time or buy it later whenever the customer feels convenient to buy. After that customer can purchase the item whenever he/she wants to buy using his/her credit/debit or visa card sitting at home in form of a PC, or laptop or can purchase by using a mobile phone and get the bought item in the specified time period.


Amazon is a company that is not unknown to the present world as it has grown that much time almost every business is now getting its online presence on Amazon that makes it the world’s biggest online market.


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